Skiing and even some running

A week away on ski trip at Valmeinier, France.
Excellent snow, lots of fun is had.
But what’s even better: I managed to get a run in.

Ski impression #1

After a beautiful sunny day the roads were ice free, so I saw a safe opportunity.

Ski impression #2

Put on my shoes and went off.
6km: 2 downhill – 2 uphill – 1 downhill – 1 uphill.
At that point my hands were freezing so it was time to stop.
Climbed about 200m in total, so the quads were feeling it, but I loved every minute 😀

Running in a beatiful scene

I’m going skiing

Tonight I’m leaving for a week to the snow. Valmeinier 1800, France here I come.

Gone for a week is no running for a week … probably 😀
I am taking my running shoes along, I would really like to get some hilly jogs in a nice crisp air.

But I’ll see where the week takes me.

Probably no blog posts next week, although there is WiFi, so you never know.

Do you like wintersports? Are you go skiing/snowboarding this season?