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Counting Down To My 6h Race!

Nerves are rising, mileage is dropping and I’m eating carbs carbs carbs, I guess this can only mean one thing: it’s TAPER TIME!

Monday I did a slow run from an hour and I’m planning to do the same tonight, Friday a small half hour and Saturday is game time!

6h of running a 2km lap and hoping I manage to do it at least 33 times!

Writing this down already makes my heart pound, hope Saturday I can keep the adrenaline to a minimum 🙂



10k: To Taper Or Not To Taper

As you can see from my featured image taper plans exist for a 10k, however I’ve never done it.

This Friday I really would like to break my PB so it crossed my mind to do it for once, but everything I found seemed too … serious.

So the plan is easy run last Monday, easy run tonight with some sprints mixed in, tomorrow rest and Friday hopefully accomplish a PB.


How do you stand on the topic?