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I Ran Again! (120′ LSD)

YouTube movie: The song that got inexplicably stuck in my head for 70% of my run…

I finally ran again!

So the last 2 weeks I have lacked motivation and was feeling not 100%
Aside from some speed work Tuesday it has been slow…

This morning I was determined to go running.
Depending on my daughter’s hungry hour I would take off for something between 15 and 25km (9-15 miles).

When she woke I first checked “The Flags”.
A downside of living at the coast is the wind. I can see a row of flags from my house and they help me estimate how windy it is and when I will have the wind in my back.

It didn’t look all that good… 9m/s apparently, but hey, I was determined, so after feeding my daughter I layered up and headed off.

I ended up with 21km (hooray HM) but my heart rate was constantly too high so all in all it’s one to forget soon. Most positive is that hopefully it gets me started back into a routine…

To end: random picture from during my run!

Coast running
Coast running

Tonight off to a wedding to add all my lost calories 😉

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