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App Review: Endomondo

Disclaimer: i do not get sponsored in any way, felt it was necessary to tell this as i see a lot of discussions going on at blogs about this topic

When I started running I did not want to spend an awful lot of money on a GPS watch. Not sure if running was something I would keep on doing, I went looking for a cheap alternative and stumbled in the wonder world of running apps.

There’s a lot of choice in running apps now, but in my day it was pretty scarce. Endomondo got a lot of thumbs up then so I went for that one.

A lot has changed since the early version and I think that many bugs and irritations have evolved well down the road.
Important to say: I am an Android user and can only judge the app on this OS.
For screenshots and general features I point to The Play Store

I know this is somewhat lazy, but I figure there’s no point in showing a bunch of screenshots, I just will list the top 5 and the worst 3 parts IN MY OPINION.

Worst 5

5. Social Part IN THE APP

I honestly swear with Endomondo social wise. It’s a clean layout with a nice timeline and user-friendly way to add comments etc. In the app hower they force it and it’s rather slow going even on Wi-Fi

4. Random crashes 🙁 No notification when en route

I have a decent phone (LG Nexus 5), yet the app sometimes crashes for no apparent reason. Okay, it happens. Downside is that you (obviously) do not get a notification, which can result in logging loss.

3. Pages – Who uses those?

Section of Pages. Nice try Endomondo, only reason that’s used is for shoving ads up our face.

2. Sharing to Facebook

It’s either yes or no. You can activate or deactive it, you cannot choose to share some runs.
(Actually there is a way, to do it afterwards, but that’s just a nuisance)

1. GPS (Device dependent…)

This is very device dependent, but the GPS is picky. For example ‘Swarm‘ can get my location instantly, yet Endomondo keeeeeeeps on searching for GPS signal and can suddenly let you know that GPS signal is lost. Resulting in some weird GPS routes.

Boggy GPS Endomondo
Exhibit A: weird GPS results

Best 5

5. Easy pause & unpause

Because of the nice clean main page (see below) it’s very easy to pause and unpause your workout without delay.
You can even set autopause on if you’d like, just be sure you do not turn 180° to head back, because more often than not it will autopause on the spot.

4. Ending the workout

As easy as you pause the workout you can end it. At that point it’s very easy to add some text about how the workout went and pictures if wanted.
Everything with a hashtag gets tidily stored in your workouts so you can search on them later (I use it to track mileage with my different pair of shoes)

Endomondo - End Of workout
Sorry for the dutch interface 🙂

3. A LOT of sports are available

The list is actually waaay too big, but I suppose that some kite surfers would actually take their phone on the water 😀

Endomondo - list of sports
Part of the list of sports

2. Startup interface

One thing that hasn’t changed all that much between versions is the startup screen. It’s clear and easy to use. Very user-friendly, very to the point and very customisable (3 fields that you change to anything)
Endomondo app main screen

1. Audio coach

What I really like the most about the app is the audio coach. You can customize it in a lot of ways so you can get all the feedback you want at any time you want. Very handy to just plug-in some headphones and no need to bother to look at your phone during your run.
Even during intervals it works great, but that’s a PRO feature.

Endomondo audio coach 1
Endomondo audio coach 2
Endomondo audio coach 3

For totality:

Main site
Endomondo blog
My Endomondo account – Feel free to add me!

Review of the website and advantages of the premium may follow later.

Do YOU like Endomondo?
Do you KNOW Endomondo?
Would you consider using it after reading this?


Speed work

With the upcoming 10k race in mind and not feeling 100% well, I decided yesterday speed work is more important now than my base runs. So no running yesterday, all the harder work this morning.

Plan was getting up at 6 am, daughter decided 5.30 was already enough 🙂

So after feeding her and laying her back in bed I got dressed in my new shirt, ready to go.

Hooray for flashy shirts in the dark!

Biggest problem about speed work in the morning is to eat or not to eat.
I practically always decide against it, because my stomach just acts up otherwise.
That automatically means that I can go for max 40, otherwise I would be running on less than fumes…

It ended up being a ‘ladder’ (name makes sense if you see the workout :-)). Default interval provided in my FR 310xt.

  • 2′ Z1
  • 2′ Z2
  • 2′ Z3
  • 2x(200m Z4 – 200m rest)
  • 4x(400m Z4 – 400m rest)
  • 2x(200m Z4 – 200m rest)
  • 2′ Z3
  • 2′ Z2
  • 2′ Z1

You can always see more info about my zones here

Some parts were really hard, definitely when I was going uphill against the wind.
But now I’m ready to start the day, totally fresh after a good shower.

Training summary:

  • Ride Name:
  • Distance: 0 km
  • Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Moving Time: 00:00:00
  • Location:

Strava Endomondo

Hopefully I can benefit from it December 12!

Do you like speed work or stay away from it as far as you can?