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Beach Running In The Sun

So a while back I wrote a post about beach running in the dark.

I stand with my pro’s and cons from then, but what I wanted to share is the difference between then and now.

Feet in the sea

Back in November it was dark, cold and lonesome on the beach.

Yesterday was a very different story.
It was sunny, it was warm and it’s easter break in Belgium, so the beach was full of families playing, some even in the sea.

First time going out in shorts, t-shirt only and no cap on the head.

Awesome birthday run (yes, yesterday was my birthday :-))

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Beach running in the dark

This summer I started running on the beach in loose sand to train for my first trail.
Lacking hills around here I had to do something to get my quads burning…

All in all it did help I think, so after my resting weeks I decided yesterday it was time to hit the beach again.

Only problem was … Daylight saving time kicked in four weeks back.

That meant running in the dark. On the beach.
Not the brightest idea as I ended up tripping more than I wanted to.
On the bright side: I did feel my quads burning =]

Pros about running on the beach:

  • Soothing sea sounds
  • Heavy training without having to get in my car

Cons about running on the beach:

  • When dark: tripping…
  • Far from even underground, not always good for the joints…

Do you have a beach nearby? Do you like beach running or like to stay on the road close by?

Bonus (as I lack pictures for now): a post-run selfie 😉

Post run selfie

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