Stormy means no running :(

This weekend I wanted to go for a 30k run (~19mi), because it has been over 2 months I did such a long run.
Unfortunately the weather disagreed. Wind normally isn’t something I stay home for, but when it exceeds 50km/h up to moments of 90 it’s not fun at all anymore…


Yesterday I thought “tomorrow” but after waking and looking at ‘The Flags’ I did not only see the flags themselves move, but the poles as well.

On top of that I crashed in the couch yesterday evening. It seems my body tries to fight off the start a nasty cold.

Sadly my week will end with 2 runs and about 32km(20mi) total, but rest is important too right… 😉
Let’s see if I can make up for my lost distance in following weeks…


  1. Sean Smith says:

    We get a lot of wind out in the Panhandle, the average wind speed where I live is 22 kph. It’s not unheard of to reach over 100 kph, and there’s no way to get out of the house on a cold day. It pretty frustrating when you’re in a training program – you just get stuck on a treadmill.

    Hope your hiatus gets you rested and recovered for some longer fun runs!

    • ignace_s says:

      Thank you for replying 🙂

      That is quite a lot indeed. I have no (easy) access to a treadmill which basically means it’s buckling up and getting out or nothing.
      Today … was nothing 🙂

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