New Race: Trail Des Fantomes – 31km

Filling up my 2015 race calendar bit by bit, I found this race for August: Trail Des Fantomes

There was a choice between several distances: 13km (~8miles) – 20km(~12.5miles) – 31km(~19miles) – 53km(~33miles) – 75km(~46.5miles)

Although one of my 2015 goals is running 2 ultra’s from which there needs to be at least one trail run I went for the middle distance of 31km.
The reason is I’ll run it together with my brother. We will go camping somewhere nearby a couple of days before and run the trail on August 16

He is newer to running than me and is still upping his mileage. He’s training for a half marathon now (which I might pace) and this is 10km extra with a whole different profile.

Ascension & descents during the run

We will ascend roughly 1294m (~4250 ft) during the run, which is entirely new to him, but he thinks it’ll be fun (I know so ;-)) so going at it together will be a day well spent.

It’s still far away, so there will be probably races coming in between, but it sure is one I’m very much looking forward to.

Do you set out your race schedule for the whole year at once or do you add to it during the year?


  1. angybone says:

    That looks likes like a wonderfully challenging race! I’m excited or you! I don’t plan out too far in advance – except the case of the two marathon where I needed time to prepare. A lot of mine are spur of the moment.

  2. utalap says:

    Most races here don’t have details until it’s 2-3 months before the scheduled date, so that’s how far back I can plan my races. I do plan races tentatively (example: run a 5K in April, a 10K in May) and just wait until something coincides with my training calendar.

  3. tamsynsmith says:

    That looks like a great race. Have fun!

    I tend to plan out my whole year as there are often some key races that I want to do – also quite a few of the races that I am interested in sell out months in advance. I’m in a running club that takes part in several leagues, so I also consider when the league races are and add them to my calendar. I’ll probably add a few things as I’m going along, but I’ve got a really hectic schedule already!

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