Weight graph 29122014

Weight graph – halfway through the holidays

It’s  a hot topic for everyone during the holidays: your weight.
Halfway through the holidays I’m already looking back and will try to give you some pointers if you have gained just a bit too much.

My graph looks rather good, I peaked during ‘The Days’ but as you can see it went straight down again afterwards.
This is how I did it, maybe it can help you.

  • You can go all the way during the holidays. It’s no fun holding back when you’re together with family and tons of delicious food. I don’t know for you, but I say ‘no’ to a lot during the year, so I see this as a reward. Come here chocolates 😉
  • I know this is too late for Christmas, but it might help for New Year: be extra careful the days/weeks before.
    My “pre-holidays-diet” gave me some reserve, which meant that even the highest number on the scale during these days did not give me guilt.
  • I did not drink alcohol.
    This is not easy, but it’s a choice I made and once I committed to it, it wasn’t all that bad. No alcohol, nor did I replace it with sugary drinks, but drank mostly water.
    Kept me hydrated, gave me a fuller feeling (less eating without having to say NO) and a lot less sugar consumption.
  • Went running after the holidays.
    I got one run after the holidays, combined with a ‘light eating day’ and that one stands for my biggest drop in weight after Christmas.
  • Be extra careful the first days after.
    I already told I’m working with myfitnesspal and even though I’m not always as meticulous as I should, it gives me a very decent idea if I can eat a snack or not.

Once again: happy holidays and enjoy the time together with family and food! 🙂


  1. Chocolates and other sweets are not just my vices during the holidays, but in life in general. This holiday season, I am also avoiding alcohol. It has not affected my ability to enjoy my friends and family, and is a relatively little thing to give up in the grand scheme of things! Interesting graph, and thanks for sharing!

  2. tamsynsmith says:

    These holidays have been hard. I usually try to get lots of running/cycling/swimming in to counterbalance the treats, but I’m not alowed to train at the moment, so I’m sure the scales will have a number that I don’t like on them when I get back from staying with my mother. I generally don’t drink alcohol (I’ve had one small glass of mulled wine this Christmas), but I’m going to make a real effort with healthy eating as soon as I get home.

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