Which Actioncam?

Actioncams. Gadgets…

Sometimes I’m a sucker, I don’t need anything, but if I start browsing and looking I suddenly NEED NEED NEED it. The more research I do, the more I want it.

This time: action cams…

I’m currently doubting between the Garmin Virb Elite and any GoPro with WiFi.
I could go with lower budget cams, but without the WiFi I think it will soon become a nuisance to work with it.
It would mostly be used during (trail) running but it would be definitely be used for winter sport as well.

Does anyone own a Virb or GoPro or alternative and can you

  • discourage me to buy one and thus save money
  • Convince me of any model

Thank you very much for any input!



  1. I have had the hero 2, 3 and 3 +
    The latest i have owned was super light, compact excellent filming quality (especially hd / 120 fps). Good picture quality in daylight. You can fix it to pretty much anything and I had once a motorbike fall on it and nothing happened, I just had to replace the protection case but all the rest was working smoothly. So I would say gopro on this.

  2. Scarlett says:

    I’m a fan of the Contour roam cameras because of the former factor and how nicely they fit on my little harness. Gopro is way too big for me. I wouldn’t want to carry all that on a trail run.

  3. rundelrun says:

    WAS in a similar situation and was agonising over a few different models, but the decision was made for me as I got a GoPro3 as a Christmas present. I’m not particularly savvy when it comes to the specs and accessories but I’ve recorded a few runs and perhaps oddly enough just wore it around the house to see how it feels and what it picks up visually and audibly and it’s really good. Transferring the vids to my laptop as well is as straight forward as you can get.

  4. ldeacon says:

    I got sucked into a Narrative Clip a couple years ago. Don’t buy it! It sounds awesome (super small, clips to your shirt, takes a pic every 30 sec) but out of something like 500 pictures while I was running, every one was blurry…and pointed in a random direction. Go Pros look awesome!

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