Fighting The Scale … Forever

Although this is a topic that has been discussed a gazillion times before I thought I couldn’t let it pass on my blog.

The scale… That dreadful scale!


I’m not heavy, nor do I want to claim it, but none the less is the struggle with the pounds just as real.
On my about page you can see my ‘before running’ pics and more recent.
I lost roughly 5kg (10 pounds) with running.
5kg that I gained once moving out of ‘Hotel Mama’.

Even now, after 2 weeks of being only semi-active I have gained 1kg (2lb).
I eat healthy, I don’t snack an awful lot, but still…

So I’ve decided to try out MyFitnessPal to see where my flaws are.
Plan is to just enter everything now and after a week or two look for food to cut 🙂



Do you struggle with your weight too although eating healthy?
Do you hate it as much as I do (duh ;-))?
Ever used MyFitnessPal and have pro’s or cons?
Hit me up below!


  1. athena saber says:

    Hi! I used my fitness pal and liked it. Found it easy to use and would recommend it to others. I just couldn’t sustain long term counting calories. But I did it for several months and had success early this year. Good luck with it and your running!!

  2. gyingst48 says:

    One of my 2015 goals (not listed in my blog) is to eat healthier and more like a runner. I have lost about 30 pounds since beginning runner almost 2 years ago and can stand to lose a lot more.

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