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Weight graph – All the way through the holidays

Short follow-up after this post from halfway through the holidays.

I managed to be back on my pre-holidays on January 3 with the help from MyFitnessPal and common sense πŸ™‚

My running regime will be stricter again now and I plan to up my monthly mileage, so the fixation on my weight will be a little less from now on.

Just wanted to give an update and ensure everyone it is possible to maintain your weight through the holidays with some perseverance.

Happy running all!

Weight graph 29122014

Weight graph – halfway through the holidays

It’s  a hot topic for everyone during the holidays: your weight.
Halfway through the holidays I’m already looking back and will try to give you some pointers if you have gained just a bit too much.

My graph looks rather good, I peaked during ‘The Days’ but as you can see it went straight down again afterwards.
This is how I did it, maybe it can help you.

  • You can go all the way during the holidays. It’s no fun holding back when you’re together with family and tons of delicious food. I don’t know for you, but I say ‘no’ to a lot during the year, so I see this as a reward. Come here chocolates πŸ˜‰
  • I know this is too late for Christmas, but it might help for New Year: be extra careful the days/weeks before.
    My “pre-holidays-diet” gave me some reserve, which meant that even the highest number on the scale during these days did not give me guilt.
  • I did not drink alcohol.
    This is not easy, but it’s a choice I made and once I committed to it, it wasn’t all that bad. No alcohol, nor did I replace it with sugary drinks, but drank mostly water.
    Kept me hydrated, gave me a fuller feeling (less eating without having to say NO) and a lot less sugar consumption.
  • Went running after the holidays.
    I got one run after the holidays, combined with a ‘light eating day’ and that one stands for my biggest drop in weight after Christmas.
  • Be extra careful the first days after.
    I already told I’m working with myfitnesspal and even though I’m not always as meticulous as I should, it gives me a very decent idea if I can eat a snack or not.

Once again: happy holidays and enjoy the time together with family and food! πŸ™‚


Fighting The Scale … Forever

Although this is a topic that has been discussed a gazillion times before I thought I couldn’t let it pass on my blog.

The scale… That dreadful scale!


I’m not heavy, nor do I want to claim it, but none the less is the struggle with the pounds just as real.
On my about page you can see my ‘before running’ pics and more recent.
I lost roughly 5kg (10 pounds) with running.
5kg that I gained once moving out of ‘Hotel Mama’.

Even now, after 2 weeks of being only semi-active I have gained 1kg (2lb).
I eat healthy, I don’t snack an awful lot, but still…

So I’ve decided to try out MyFitnessPal to see where my flaws are.
Plan is to just enter everything now and after a week or two look for food to cut πŸ™‚



Do you struggle with your weight too although eating healthy?
Do you hate it as much as I do (duh ;-))?
Ever used MyFitnessPal and have pro’s or cons?
Hit me up below!