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Week Recap & Preview

So last week was my rest week.
I “only” ran three times for a total of 70k.
But somehow I feel like my body is catching up with my heavy weeks from before last.

Since April I’ve been building hard towards my 6h race and I feel like my training is really working, yet it’s starting to get heavy as well. But hey, you don’t get better by doing all easy runs…

Strava April
April recap of my weekly trainings (mind you, its kilometers!)
Strava May
May recap of my weekly trainings (mind you, its kilometers!)


So last week was:

This week I’m planning my last heavy 100k week, but I’m guarding my tiredness, so it could be my schedule gets changed during the week…

  • Monday: 20k Z1
  • Tuesday: 7+13k Z1 commute
  • Wednesday: 21k Z2
  • Saturday: 40k

Right now I don’t feel my body can take another 40k run, so that one really hangs in the balance.
On the plus side, that would be my last +30k run before the race itself on July 11!


Are you planning ahead? Easy week? Heavy week?
Either way: loads of fun to you all 🙂


Speed work

With the upcoming 10k race in mind and not feeling 100% well, I decided yesterday speed work is more important now than my base runs. So no running yesterday, all the harder work this morning.

Plan was getting up at 6 am, daughter decided 5.30 was already enough 🙂

So after feeding her and laying her back in bed I got dressed in my new shirt, ready to go.

Hooray for flashy shirts in the dark!

Biggest problem about speed work in the morning is to eat or not to eat.
I practically always decide against it, because my stomach just acts up otherwise.
That automatically means that I can go for max 40, otherwise I would be running on less than fumes…

It ended up being a ‘ladder’ (name makes sense if you see the workout :-)). Default interval provided in my FR 310xt.

  • 2′ Z1
  • 2′ Z2
  • 2′ Z3
  • 2x(200m Z4 – 200m rest)
  • 4x(400m Z4 – 400m rest)
  • 2x(200m Z4 – 200m rest)
  • 2′ Z3
  • 2′ Z2
  • 2′ Z1

You can always see more info about my zones here

Some parts were really hard, definitely when I was going uphill against the wind.
But now I’m ready to start the day, totally fresh after a good shower.

Training summary:

  • Ride Name:
  • Distance: 0 km
  • Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Moving Time: 00:00:00
  • Location:

Strava Endomondo

Hopefully I can benefit from it December 12!

Do you like speed work or stay away from it as far as you can?