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Recovery Run Around The House

As I had a tougher race than anticipated yesterday (Trail Du Mont, race report coming this week) I woke up with sore quads this morning.
Seeing that Monday and Wednesday are my running days and I can’t really move them around, the question was if I would go running this evening or not.

I decided a recovery run was in order, so after work I headed out.
Only half a mile away from home I noticed that the quads were more sore than hoped.

So instead of going on my regular run that consists of running away for X kilometer and then back again I decided to run laps around my house.
The diameter of my town is about 3.3 km (~2 miles) with an awful lot of shortcuts should I wanted to head home early.

Evening sight Zeebrugge
The sight wasn’t bad. Hooray for slightly longer days!

The plan for this week (made before the race) was twice 90 minutes of running, once in my zone 1 and once in my zone 2.
For my Goal For 2015 of running 2500km this year I should end with 210km per month. Those 2 runs would get me in that range, but stepping out today soon put me in another mindset.

Nice and easy and fairly short would do it today. Waking the legs to help the recovery.

I ended up with 3 laps, good for a good 11km (~7 miles) which isn’t all that bad in the end.

Do you go running the day after a race? Always or only up to a certain race distance?
Have you got a backup plan like this if you feel your legs aren’t all that?