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ChristmasBoth - Resize

Christmas Gifts – Running related

The wish lists were filled with stuff, but not a lot was running related. As far as running goes I usually buy what I need instantly.
“Luckily” my trusted ear buds started breaking down about a month ago, so I asked new ones, with improvements: remote control to play next song and volume control. I like random playlists provided by Google Music but sometimes they can give songs I really don’t want to hear during a run.

Buds in and over the ear!
Remote control!

A lot of music joy coming in the future 😉

Second gift was something I could not yet bring myself to buying because it was too expensive: ideal for a want-list 😀
A soft flask. It’s the same fabric as a Camelbak and you can drink from it by pressing the bottle and biting the valve, so no tipping your head backwards.
It takes the form of your hand and in your backpack, which is much more comfortable than storing a hard PET bottle against your back.


Once it’s empty it practically takes no place to store it and it’s reusable, so the environment is happy as well.
I’ll enjoy this one.

What did you get for your Christmas? Running gear? Other handy stuff?