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Road To Marathon Brabant 2013 – Training Through Summer

So last time I talked about my decision process to go for the marathon. Right now I’d like to explain how my trainings went.

We’re talking late June 2013. I have my heart rate zones and a rough training plan.
I have no week-to-week plan and seriously doubting whether I need one.
The problem back then was that I went running when I had time. Generally this meant 3-4 times per week, but it was no guarantee. With summer approaching I decided to not be to strict on myself, just train as much as I can with crude guidelines.

  • Weekends are for the LSD runs at a heart rate of max 135
  • One training run is in Zone 1
  • One training run is an interval that consists of zones 3 or 4
  • One training run is in zone 2

I supposed if I kept this in that order I would improve enough over summer to start a x-week plan begin september.

Summer total: 396km (246 miles)

I ended up running almost every week 4 times so everything actually went very well.

For only being fulltime into running since February I was very pleased with myself and could start a final countdown towards October 27, 2013.

More later!

Feel free to let me know if you like my story 🙂