Week Recap 062015

I’m back from my ski trip.

Very happy I managed to get one run in, so there is not a complete blank week passed

The ski trip itself was very nice, lots of fresh snow and managed to get my quads burning quite a few times.

I totally missed the craziness over this article: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31095384 so it’s a bit late, but I really like to share some opinions about it:

  • 5mph ideal pace – What??
    Absolutely no offence to the people who see this as their regular pace, but that is slow for many runners with some training.
  • 2.5h in total
    This seems like a nice number for a lot of joggers, but what comes to mind is other exercise. Say you bike to work or walk your children to school, do you need to subtract it from that total time?
  • only 36 were classified as “strenuous” joggers and just two of this group died
    So basically: much ado about nothing? A group of 36 is nothing for a proper study…

I’m pretty sure things like this will be said over and over again already this week, but as stated above: I’ve been away and really felt like I should rant about this as well 🙂

Tonight I’m starting my new run week with only 1 hour. In the middle of renovating my attic, so I need to divide my attention.
Not good for my 2500km in 2015 goal, but still a lot of time to make up for it 😉

Any thoughts about the article?


  1. Ha ha ha….seriously that is a very vague and misleading article. As most are when the media tries to derive a story from a medical journal. The one glaring thing I see missing? Family history….which is a very big predictor of heart health and so often left out of stories such as this….You would actually have to go to the published journal article itself for a clearer picture and even then it is often difficult to interpret the results. Also, I wonder from what huge study (1000 participants) the data was taken and as you said, what else do these people do? ….I could go on and on here ….isn’t “strenuous jogging” an oxymoron? And then of course they also have to throw in a MOUSE STUDY :)) besides the fact that self reported data is well, self reported…not very objective. Oh goodness, sigh…..

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