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Transition Week Recap

I don’t and won’t do a lot of week recaps as I feel no one is really interested in those, but seeing it was a special week…
Oh and I promise this is the last New Year related post 🙂

This week I ran twice, once in 2014 and once in 2015.
I summed up a total of 36.85km (~22.9 miles) in those 2 runs, which isn’t all that bad.

First run was Tuesday, nothing exciting happened, but I did get a very nice pace (5:05min/km in Z1)
Strava & Endomondo for the number fans.

Second run was Sunday (yesterday). I hoped to get a long run in this weekend, but with another New Year dinner and The Girlfriend working shifts there wasn’t a lot of time to spare. Sunday morning I had the chance to bring my daughter to my father-in-law and I made do with the time I had.
Sadly no 2+ hours, but only 90 minutes.

So instead of a long slow run, I went for a mixed tempo run: 15′ Z2 – 20′ Z3 – 20′ Z2 – 20′ Z3 – 15′ Z2 (See my Heart Rate Zones here)
I went out on an empty stomach, as I always do in the weekends and brought some dates and carb-rich cookies, but in retrospect I should have eaten.
Weather was nice, wind was doable, yet I did not get to my desired pace at any point. My Heart Rate constantly went way too high.
I was glad to be home again.
Strava & Endomondo for the number fans.

So what did I learn?

  • Don’t do tempo runs of +1h on an empty stomach
  • You need more water when you run faster
  • Enjoying the sun is easier during a slow run

But hey, first run of 2015 is a fact and with 19km(~12mi) it could be worse.
Tonight a shorter recovery run and back into the weekly rhythm after two difficult weeks.

On a sidenote, seeing I want to run +200km(~124miles) per month, I joined the Greater Fitness 100 January Miles.

Have fun with all your runs!


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