Even training can be a struggle…

I haven’t been blogging a lot because I’m a bit in a slump.
Busy days at work, renovating the attic and running seems hard.

Today I set out for 75′ in my zone 2 and it took me more than 4km to find a decent pace…
My heart rate was all over the place and it has been like this for a week or three…

I hope that the longer days and some extra sleep will get me some extra energy. My stats aren’t half bad, but it all feels so hard.

Anyway, just wanted to write off my annoyed feeling so thanks for reading 🙂

Hope everyone’s training is going a lot smoother than mine!


  1. Hey! Great post! Sometimes we don’t admit and respect our limits… Just remember that every workout counts, even the ones that we “fail”. And allow you to take some rest, it is also important!

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