The feared cobbles - slippery when wet!

Pre-Race Jitters

Happy Friday!

Today is Race Day! As you can see in the right sidebar it’s a christmas Run @ Bruges.
I ran this last year and set a PB on the 10k. Jitters are already coming, because I hope to accomplish the same today.
Setting a goal is important for me, but this will be a toughy. The course has a lot of twists and turns, goes over a lot of cobbles and has bottlenecks.

The weather isn’t helping either, strong wind with chance of rain. Chances are that the surface might be slippery.

But hey, I’ll stick to the plan anyway today:

  • No Coffee (or maybe just my morning cup)
  • Healthy food
  • A little extra carbs
  • Enough rest (right … too late for that)

I’m lucky my daughter slept through the night last three days, so now excuse there.

In 12h I’m up, cheer for me 😀

What do you think? Will I break my 39:41 PB on the 10k?


  1. Babette says:

    Have fun! Dan loop je vanzelf een PR. Leuk in Brugge, heb die ook nog op mijn verlanglijstje staan maar de vrijdagavond maakt het wat lastiger om in te plannen. Wie weet volgend jaar 🙂 Als je nog meer leuke tips hebt voor België, let me know.

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