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Next Race: Trail Du Mont

10k race behind me, 2015 in front of me.
I’m still contemplating what my goals will be for 2015 (post coming!), but in the meantime I have put a first race down in my schedule: Trail Du Mont

It will be a race off course, but ‘courir pour le plaisir’ (Run For Fun) will be my primary goal there.

It’s a 30k (~19mi) race with 780m ascension to sharpen my trail running skills.

I’m part of an “online running club” who call themselves “Run To The Hills” and about 75% I haven’t even met in real life, but a lot will be attending here, so that’s a very big reason to go running more than an hour drive away from home.

Good thing is that I have something to think about and keep me motivated through the shortest days of the year. Really should like to do at least one run that covers (at least) this distance before going to Mont-St-Aubert @ January 25

Do you have a race planned already in January? Is it a “fun run” or serious business?


  1. therfpscribe says:

    De rien… If you’re looking to fill your race calendar, look at the Champenoise de la Marne:

    I ran it this year and it was my second favourite course, with a champagne at the end. At least half the runners were Belge!

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