Bad advice?

Under the weather?

Right now I was supposed to be running. A 30k training run, but instead I’m here writing this post.
I feel my body fighting against … something. Can’t really say I’m coming down with X or Y, but I’m just not feeling well. Took my heart rate in rest and came out at about 72, where normally it’s around 55.

So I’m here writing this post and hating it.

As you’ve might have read in my About page I’m father to Faye for about 7,5 months now. Loving it a lot, but with a girlfriend that likes to go cycling and swimming we’re on a tight schedule.

So this morning was my running morning and I’m here writing this post, knowing I can’t go running this weekend.

Convincing myself it’s for the best.
I’m training for a 10k, it’s better skipping your 30k run now, then getting really sick and not be able to go run Monday or Tuesday (intervals!)
If my body gives the signals, I should listen
It’s not so bad, now you can get some extra cooking and cleaning done

But in reality hating every bit of it…

Do you hate skipping a planned run as much as I do?

PS: Every encouraging word about how I made the right choice this morning is welcome =]

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  1. seefleckrun says:

    Oh, I know this feeling well. I had to take a rest day last Saturday and I spent most of it feeling the same as you. Better to rest, though, than aggravate a virus or an injury!

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