My name is Ignace Savels and I live in the small town of Zeebrugge in Belgium.
I like to run nowadays. A lot.

But it was far from always like this.
Growing up I liked to run, I even ran some races here and there (max 10k) and always surprised myself despite my lack of training.
At some point (16y old) I even set the school record with 3 others on the 4x100m.

I’ve always had time-consuming hobbies, seascouting ( on top of the list and once I decided to quit most of them (the time was there) I had a lot of spare time on my hands.

About scouts

February 2013 I got challenged to run a 5k sub 20min and I decided to take it.
I started training. A lot. 🙂

And that’s where the adventure started. I made the sub 20min (spent!) begin June 2013 and had overtrained for the goal so decided to train for a marathon sub 3:30.

With the help from a lactate test and the support of my wife I managed to push through all the trainings and October 2013 the first marathon was a fact.
It took a lot of effort but I managed to finish in 3:29:29 (full report coming later).

And there I was, 9 months into running and finished a marathon.
It took some contemplating, but I decided to expand the horizon to ultra running.

As of today I have finished another marathon (pacing, ~4h), a 50k and a 56k trail run (1200m of climbing)



  1. C.e. says:

    Hello! Have run marathons and just completed my first 50k, 8000 ft elevation, incredibly technical. The only thing that bothered me was knowing big black bears lived in those mountains!

  2. Jim Brennan says:

    That is an incredibly fast progression from 5K to ultra. Well done, my friend. I did my first ultra January 3rd, a trail race. It kicked my butt, but felt so good. Only and ultra runner would understand that. Be well and never stop.

  3. b2bwayne says:

    Thank you for liking my post. It’s so cool how you got started in running. Keep it up and most of all, please have fun doing it. – Wayne

  4. cohencycles says:

    WOW, you are inspiring…. !!!! hurray for you, finding a passion, succeeding, and……… being healthy as well! I’ll keep you posted on the DASHING about… the 5k will not be sub 20, hopefully sub 40…

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